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Free speed:4500R.P.M
Air consumption:12CFM
Gas pressure:6-10Kg(Adjustable)
The gas pipe diameter:10mm*6.5mm

The machine is suitable for waste margin stripping of cardboard,thin corrugated paper and common corrugated paper in printing industry. Range for the paper is 150g/㎡-1000g/㎡cardboard ,single and double corrugated paper,double laminated corrugated paper.

(1) For waste margin stripping of cardboard ,thin corrugated paper and common corrugated paper in printing industry,high speed running gear is cycle driven through air motor,strip waste margin paper with sharp teeth gear.the gear use high strength diamond compound after heat treatment,high hardness,wear resistance,long life and easy replacement.
(2) The product is high efficient manual stripping equipment,stripping efficiency is improved by 10 times,manual stripping needs hours,finished only in 10-30 minutes with stripping machine,greatly shorten the delivery cycle.
(3) Compact configuration,almost the same weight as normal grinder,easy to use,workers can operate the machine after simple training,no damage for bonding area while stripping, improve the efficiency of the following process(gluing/automatic packing)
(4) Use original German Pneumatic motor for the power,does not exist the problem that brush easy to be broken as ordinary hand-held grinder,and safety,long service life.

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